viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

La muerte de FreeHand


Adobe les aconseja a los usuarios de de ese programa, que mejor se actualicen al Illustrator CS3.
Desde que lo distribuía Aldus ya manejaba ese programa vectorial. Posteriormente me cambié a Illustrator, pero será una gran nostalgia en unos años hablar del FreeHand y saber que ya no existe.

Aqui esta la copia original que puso Adobe
After a long and storied career, Adobe (neé Altsys, Aldus, and Macromedia) FreeHand has reached the end of its development road. The application has not been revised since Macromedia released MX nearly four years ago, after which the company removed FreeHand from the Studio product line,? wrote Nack. Adobe won?t developer or deliver any new features for FreeHand, nor will it deliver patches or updates for new operating systems or hardware, wrote Nack, which dashes the hopes of ardent FreeHand enthusiasts that they might one day see a version that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. Adobe will continue to sell FreeHand MX and will offer support, he added.

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